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Mike Pence
  Vice President Makes Case for Senate Health Care Bill to Governors  CSPAN  July 14, 2017 1:27pm-2:04pm EDT

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underway in just a couple of moments. coverage continues tomorrow live on c-span with talks from ceo of girls who code fema administrator, former ceo of microsoft and tesla spacex ceo elon musk. live coverage of national governors association against of our morning at 9:30 a.m. eastern on our companion network c-span. >> good afternoon, everybody. welcome everybody. i want to once again thank governor ray mondo and all the citizens of the great state of rhode island. this is a record number of governors. this is a record number of attendees that we have here today. i am not honor to introduce the vice president of united states of america who as you know i year ago sat right with us, voted on our nga resolutions but most and poorly as a governor he understands the challenges that we all face, how to grow our
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economies, how to build an infrastructure of transportation, how to make sure that our children are getting the best quality education. you understand we want to work together in a bipartisan way. want to work together on infrastructure. we want to work together on tax reform and we want to work together on healthcare so that we can provide the best quality health care for our citizens. i think vice president pence. he showed true backbone himself in indiana when expanded medicaid for his citizens. so he understands the challenges that we as governors face to make sure that we are providing that quality care pics with my honor today asked chairman of the national governors association to bring to the podium to work with the governors in a bipartisan way the vice president of united states of america mike pence. [applause]
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>> [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> .. >> ... [applause] thank you
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all, it is wonderful to be here. prime minister trudeau, governor mcauliffe, thank you for that warm introduction and that warm welcome, to governor sandoval, all the governors of the us and especially our host, gina raimondo, all the guests with us today, it's an honor to be back in rhode island at the 109th annual summer meeting of thenational governors association . [applause] i bring greetings from my friend, a champion of federalism who is fighting
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every single day to restore power to the states and people, the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump . [applause] the president is actually returning as we speak from france we celebrated america's first and oldest alliance with great pageantry and a productive meeting. i spoke to the president about air force one this morning and he asked me to convey his thanks to all of you for your service to your state and to give you his best regards. and our president sent me and several members of our cabinet here to reaffirm our administration's commitment to partner with each and every one of you to advance the security and prosperity of all of the american people and all of the states across this country. [applause] now for me, it's great to be back at the nga. i'm frankly very humble to be
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with so many of the leaders i had the privilege to serve with when i was governor of the state of indiana. it's amazing for me to think, my wife and i reflected on it this morning, one week ago this weekend that that phone call came and my life changed. i reflected this morning on the ancient verse and i often thought about in those days who am i, oh lord?and who is my family that you brought me this far? let me take this personal opportunity to say thank you to all of you. thank you for your friendship, your encouragement and the prayers that have enabled us to serve in this new capacity. it is great to be back with america's governors. [applause] now, i'm here as your vice president but i want you to know i bring the perspective of the former governor your discussions this weekend. when i was governor i would
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often come to washington representing my state interest and my greatest hope was that i'd have an administration that would listen to me, work with me to improve the lives of the hard-working people of indiana. let's give you this promise. every governor in america has all that and more in president donald trump. you heard it from the president himself when he addressed the nga at the white house earlier this year. as the president said and i quote, in myadministration we're going to have a true partnership of collaboration and cooperation with the state . he meant every word of it. president trump has been delivering on his promise. the past six months president trump has met with governors from no fewer than 47 states individually and five territories including all of you gathered here today. in june alone, president trump welcomed 19 governors in the white house and met with three more on the road. president trump has involved you in our policy discussions
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and let me assure you, this president values your continued input on issues ranging from infrastructure to energy tax cuts to health care and so much more. if you haven't noticed, this president likes to hire governors. not just present company but i'm talking about our united nations ambassador nikki haley, the terry of energy rick perry, our secretary of agriculture sunny purdue and the new united states ambassador to china who was the longest serving governor in american history , ambassador terry branstad, let's give all these former governors around of applause. >>. >> it really has been a privilege for me. to continue to work so closely with all of you on the president's behalf. in february, karen and i enjoy welcoming many of you the vice president's residence in washington dc. the first time all of america's governors have been
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invited to the naval observatory and we were honored so many came. my wife couldn't be with us today, she picking our daughter up from the airport, doing foreign travel but let me personally extend our families heartfelt appreciation to the most important people in the room today, spouses and family members of those who served as governors across this nation, could you give a round of applause to our spouses and family members that support the leadership of these great leaders? >>. >> the truth is america's governors have a friend in president donald trump. it doesn't matter whether you are a republican or democrat, this president's agenda will continue to strengthen every state across this country. i like to say our president has a three-part agenda. jobs, jobs and jobs. the around him for any period of time, you know he's about prosperity in this country. and more than anything else
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rather than security, the president has taken decisive action from the outset to put america back to work and get our economy moving again. this president is on more laws flashing job killing out of washington than any president in american history. it's already saved businesses and individuals $18 billion a year in regulatory costs and our president been busy on unleashing american energy, opening the way for more offshore drilling, rolling back clean power plant and the presence of ruth keystone and dakota pipelines distraction the energy infrastructure of this nation and speaking of infrastructure, president trump has begun the process of rebuilding american infrastructure and in partnership with governors like you, i promise you before this action of congress is out, we're going to pass an infrastructure bill that will rebuild america. and were going to work with each and every one of you. to bring that about.>> this president has also taken decisive action to ensure
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america's trade deals are free and fair. thanks to the present leadership, last month american companies were able to ship american beef to china for the first time in over 13 years. the president has opened up a new economic dialogue he asked me to lead with japan to strengthen our trade relationship with our ally and in the coming weeks, president trump and our nation will renegotiate the north american free-trade agreement with canada and mexico and under this president's leadership, we will modernize nafta for the 21st century so it's a win win for all our trading partners in north america. [applause] i know you will be hearing from prime minister trudeau in just a few minutes and let me assure you, the united states and canada have already built a remarkably strong relationship with these two leaders and the investment relationship we
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enjoy today is worth more than $620 billion a year. we are grateful, grateful for the prime minister's leadership and his early reach to this administration. president trump recognized every trade relationship can improve and as the prime minister knows, we are looking forward to bringing nafta into the future in a way that will equally benefit both our countries. the truth is president trump's leadership is already making a difference and i know you see it in your state every day. under this president's watch, businesses large and small have created more than 800,000 new private sector jobs since the first of this year. after company are making record investments in state after state, billions of dollars, tens of thousands of jobs and the stock market is soaring, closing at record highs again this week. and with the continued input of america's governors, president trump is going to work with this congress to drive forward an agenda for a
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more prosperous america of lower taxes, less regulation, more american energy, better infrastructure and trade deals and yes, president donald trump is going to lead this congress to rescue the american people from the collapsing policies of obamacare. [applause] you know, as the former governor myself i know just how important healthcare is each and every one of you as you leave your state. the simple truth though is obamacare is imploding across america. and working families and small businesses are paying the price every day. our administration has found that the average premium on the individual market is more than doubled since obamacare went into effect four years ago and in many states including some represented here, it's more than tripled. when obamacare passed we
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promised that families would save up to $2500 a year in premiums but the average obamacare plan today costs nearly $3000 more than the average plan did in 2013. and while costs are skyrocketing, choices are plummeting. on monday our administration announced that 38 percent fewer health insurers plan on participating in obamacare exchanges next year. >> and the number could rise. leaving millions of americans even fewer choices. and come next year, 40 percent of american counties including nine holes states will have only one choice in a health insurance provider, meaning they essentially have no choice at all. even worse, dozens of counties will have no health insurance providers whatsoever on the obamacare exchange in 2018. i know you know these facts because as governors, you are letting that reality. not far afield in washington dc looking at statistics but
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you are seeing the impact of these failed policies each and every day in communities and enterprises across your state. i don't have to tell any of the governors centered around here whatever your politics, whatever your party, you know we are talking about real people and about a real crisis. behind every number, is a name. behind every name is a story. you know, since early this year the president had me traveling across the country to many of your state and i've always made a point to sit down with your local citizens and local businesses to hear the story about the hardship that obamacare has placed in your communities. i've heard stories of small business owners, working families and parents with disabled children who suffered terribly under the collapsing weight of this policy. >> people like julie roberts who i met earlier this week in lexington kentucky and her small business, premiums 25 percent every year under obamacare and deductibles
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have tripled.then there's connie mays who lives in the same small town in ohio her entire life. she has a disability she told me about that has made her life tough but she's found a way forward. when obamacare became law, she lost her health insurance plan, her doctor and today , no health care provider in the county will take her obamacare coverage. so she essentially has no coverage at all. she literally had tears in her eyes sitting next to me at the white house when she told me the story that that card in her pocketbook was essentially meaningless because no one in her home county would take it. then there's julie champlain from wisconsin who i met when i was visiting governor walker.held insurance costs increased so much that last year she told me that with genuine emotion in her voice that she had to choose between paying for her obamacare coverage and buying
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christmas presents for her grandkids. >> she literally took that preemptive months where she could skip making her payments and skip coverage just so she could afford to buy some christmas presents for her kids and grandkids. i don't have to tell all of you, these stories are not rare. they are all heartbreaking. they're not the exception. they are the rule. as i told each and every one of those i mentioned and people across this country, help is on the way. we are going to get people access to the kind of world-class healthcare every american deserves. >>. >> i'm pleased to report as you already know just yesterday said leadership unveiled a new version of the senate health care bill and president trump and i urge every member of the senate to
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support it. president trump and i believe the senate health care bill was the right don't have the right time to begin the end of obamacare and rescue the american people on this failed policy and we look forward to the senate ticking up this bill as early as next week. president trump laid out his vision for american healthcare months ago, the president said you wanted a healthcare system that in his words this quote, far less expensive and we believe the senate health care bill begins to make the president's vision a reality. >> the bill introduced in the senate put america back on the path to better, more affordable healthcare for every american. he said care bill has individual mandates and cuts taxes on american families and american businesses, restoring freedom and will create jobs. healthcare bill doubles the contribution limits for health savings accounts and for the first time ever, it allows savings account to cover insurance premiums. the bill also offers tax credit to help americans by the coverage they want a price they can afford.
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and the legislation ensures that every american with pre-existing conditions has access to the coverage and care they need, no exceptions. >>. [applause] >> and if you take nothing else what i say today, know that the healthcare bill gives states the freedom to redesign your health insurance markets and most significantly under this legislation, state across the country without an unprecedented level of flexibility to reform medicaid and bring better coverage, better care and better outcomes to the most vulnerable in your state. >> now, i'm not speaking so much right now as your vice president and let me you as a former governor. and as someone who terry mcauliffepointed out , i made the decision in indiana to expand medicaid under a waiver.
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you all know your state, you know your people. you know how to create the innovative solutions to address the unique health care needs of the people of your state and i have the same attitude when i was governor. most of you also know that under previous administrations, frankly in both political parties, it's difficult if not at times impossible for states to act on your own ideas. i actually learned that firsthand. right after i was elected governor in early 2013, i went straight to work developing a serious medicaid reform land that would put vulnerable and low income hoosiers more in charge of their own health care decisions, it would expand access to healthcare providers across the state. working with a remarkably talented woman who i'm proud to say is now the administrator of the centers for medicare and medicaid services, we created a plan based on consumer directed healthcare. indiana at the time as some of you know was home to a small pilot project that had promising results in that area and we believe that we
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could expand coverage in the state, the indiana way, in ways that would improve access and improve healthcare outcomes for our most vulnerable and we went straight to work but when we submitted our waiver to the prior administration to implement our plan, we as many of you can attest in prior administrations, we encountered roadblocks and bureaucracy in washington dc. it took our state more than two years for the federal government to improve our waiver and even then it frankly rejected an awful lot of we will what we were trying to do. any of you omitted waiver requests over recent years washington dc and had the same result. now, president trump and i both believe governors should have the freedom to design and implement the reforms in healthcare that will work in your states and we are going to fight to make that a reality inwashington dc . [applause] president trump,
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president trump is dedicated to getting the federal government out of your way and allowing you to develop those unique solutions that will work or the people of your state. the president told you in february the federal government in his words should be not in your way but working with needed reforms and services and that's our commitment again today. tomorrow you're going to hear from secretary tom price from the department of health and human services who accompanied me here today and administrator steve verma about our president's commitment to work with each and every one of you. earlier this year they sent a letter to every governor in america and their words to affirm the president's partnership with all of your states and i've got to tell you, i hope you've already had this experience, secretary tom price and administrator steve verma, we've got the a-team and they're fighting for you, they're fighting for the state ability to innovate and meet the needs of our most vulnerable and improve our
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health care system and i like you to give them a round of applause . [applause] as you heard from most officials and i'm here to say today, our administration wants you to innovate. we want you to improve your own health insurance markets and strengthen your medicaid programs. i promise you that this administration will work with you in a timely way so that you can move forward with the policies and plans that are best for your states and citizens. case in point, just a few days ago administrator verma approved a waiver for alaska. to lower premiums and improve access to care for thousands of alaskans and governor, we commend you for your leadership. our administration is committed to working with you as partners and the good news is that the senate health care bill will expand state freedom and flexibility to even greater degree than the law permits our administration to extend today. the bill rolls back restrictions on waivers, giving states the ability to stabilize your markets after
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they've been destroyed in recent years and when it comes to medicaid, not only does the senate health care bill expand state flexibility, and ensures every state in america has the resources you need to take care of your most vulnerable. as a former governor who expanded medicaid in our state with consumer directed healthcare, i have to tell you i understand and appreciate as the president does concerns that many of you have as we talk about medicaid in the future going forward. our administration has paid close attention to this issue and we had discussions with governors around this room and around the country so let me be clear, president trump and i believe the senate health care bill strengthens and secures medicaid for the neediest in our society and this bill puts this vital american program on a path to long-term sustainability.
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under the senate health care bill, federal medicaid spending will be $300-$500 billion higher over the next decade relative amounts. ensuring that our state have the ability to provide for the most vulnerable and give them the care they are counting on and when it comes to receiving this funding, your state will have to options, per capita caps or a block grant. the per capita gives each state the money needed to cover medicaid beneficiaries who need the most assistance. and with the block grant option, you will be able to determine how to best use your medicaid dollars and you can provide for your most vulnerable in ways that are best for your state. at the same time, the senate health care bill creates the stability fund in addition to that area that state can use to help people obtain personal coverage as they transition out of the medicaid expansion. the. >> people on medicaid will be eligible for the new tax credits which will help them
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purchase the affordable coverage that's right for them. the truth is, these reforms are long overdue. for obamacare, the medicaid expansion costs 50 percent more for an parental leave and what we were told. at this moment, medicaid is one of the largest and fastest growing budget items in nearly every state budget. but you already know that. and medicaid rose, there's less and less money for schools, roads and public safety. the truth is for a long time medicaid has been a broken system that's been fundamentallyunsustainable and the expansion that occurred under obamacare only made the system worse . this can't continue. that's why the senate health care bill with medicaid on a budget for the first time in its history, ensuring for the long run that medicaid will be there for the neediest in our society. obamacare has put far too many able-bodied adults on the medicaid rolls leaving
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many disabled and vulnerable americans at the back of the line. it's true. and it's heartbreaking. i know governor kasich is with us but i suspect that these very troubled that in ohio alone nearly 60 disabled citizens are stuck on waiting lists, leaving them without the care they need for months or even years. just a few weeks ago at the white house, i met just such a family from a state that had expanded medicaid. christine and jason jacob chalky, they are a beautiful family. they had a heart breaking story and it's one that america needs to hear. >> jacob is christine's son, a courageous young man in his early 20s. he has a rare disability and for nearly his entire life he depended on medicaid in his state for the medicine that needed. but a few years back , when their state expanded traditional medicaid, the state also announced that they were going to cut back on coverage for medication by
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jacobs. >> one day christine told me with tears in her eyes as well that she got a letter in the mail saying the state would no longer pay for jacobs medicine. the family tried as hard as they could to get enough money together but they just didn't do it yet they had to switch to a different alternative that might not work and sure enough it didn't. young jake's health began to fail, she told me. he even lost his ability to see, walk and talk. only by the grace of god that he regain these skills and a loving family was there at his side. but every day is now the struggle for him and the family. take is not alone. the truth is, i've heard from special-needs families as i travel across this country and they tell me again and again that unless we reform medicaid, are most vulnerable are going to continue to be crowded out of coverage that they rely on and depend on. i don't have to ask anyone to know where your hearts are on this issue. you know medicaid was created
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in the very instance of its founding to support the aging, blind and disabled, vulnerable children. unless we bring about needful reforms that you alone in your state know how to implement, we will continue to see scarce resources crowd out the help that are most vulnerable need and i know that nothing around the table, no one sitting at the governor's office in our states or territories once that happened. this demands a compassionate response. i know all of you care deeply about those families and want to provide for them and give them the best shot at a better life. i say that with confidence because i know all of you and beyond the politics that may separate us, i have to tell you being among governors is one of the most inspiring times in my season of public service that as gina and i were talking earlier, governors are doers. they roll up your sleeves and check the politics of the door.
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you figure out how to solve problems and this room is filled with problem solvers so i want to say this is your chance. senate health care bill restores medicaid to its original purpose, caring for the disabled, blind, elderly, pregnant women and children and we will put you back in the driver's feet to make sure it does just that. i believe as the president what we are saving medicaid, for the sake of our most vulnerable and all the depend on it, for providing all americans with access to health insurance with the reforms that are moving through congress today. this really is about caring for the least among us. and it's about doing the right thing. and at the end of the day, i have known in my heart of hearts that men and women around the state and everyone in public service at every level belongs to do just that. before i leave i like to mention one more accomplishment in the health care bill that i know is of great interest and has already been a subject of discussion at this gathering and the national governors association. i'm pleased to report that new senate health care bill provides unprecedented new resources to address the
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opiate crisis that's ravaging our state and communities across this nation. >>. >>. [applause] the president and i are grateful for each one of your leadership on this issue and in my days back in the hoosier state, i sat around it in tables with families that were dealing with the loss of a loved one to opioid addiction or dealing with the long, long road back in opioid addiction and abuse. now, you all would be glad to know that president trump has made a priority of this ministration to end the scourge of opioid addiction in this country. he knows the impact it has on families. we are determined in this administration to bring the full resources of the national government to bear on assisting you as you come alongside these families. >> president trump has been
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giving our law enforcement community at every level the resources and backing they need to go after this on the law enforcement side. we've been getting gang members, drug dealers and criminals like ms 13 off the streets of our city at an unprecedented pace area resident has also created a commission devoted to addressing the opioid crisis. as we know that we have to make this crisis not just with law enforcement but also with compassion and with new resources for those caught up in the scourge of addiction. with this president supports, senate health care bill unveiled yesterday is a remarkable 45 billion dollars in new federal resources to confront opioid abuse and addiction in our states. [applause] and when this bill is signed into law, every state in america will benefit from this funding and passing this bill is a vital step to help those in the grip of addiction in our communities and country. and put our entire nation
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back on the road to healing. as governor i was just talking a moment, once again in your state, congress passed the cares act last year and you're going to have the ability with these resources to look at issues like not only treatment but also treatment centers to build further capacity in your state to make resources available for people and their families that deal with the scourge of addiction. we know your leadership will make a difference in lives. the bottom line, the senate health care bill provides the most vulnerable in our society, strengthens medicaid, give you an americans governors the flex ability need to bring better care and outcomes to the citizens of your state. the president and i believe it will be a historic day for american healthcare and the president has the privilege to sign this bill into law and we commend this bill to
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your attention and ask for your support. today, i want to ask all of you to continue to work with us, to build on the good work being done on health care and so many other issues. i want to challenge each one of you work together with this administration to give the american people access to world-class health care they deserve and move forward the kind of policies that will strengthen our nation, strengthen our economy and advanced purity and safety of the american people. we truly do believe now is the time to act in the congress on health care reform or the sake of the american people. now is the time to usher in a new era of state-based innovation and make the best healthcare system in the world even better. and as i close, let me again thank you for the warm welcome today and good fellowship. when i arrived one of my colleagues asked me if i missed you. the truth is, i do. the privilege of serving as a
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governor of the state i grew up in. it's the greatest privilege in my life until that phone ran a year ago this weekend but there's something special about governors. i want you to know that president trump and i know it and we are just determined, seize this moment in the life of our nation to advance the interests and well-being of people of our country and we asked your support. and as i asked, i say with confidence that i know we will succeed. as we confront the challenges in healthcare and beyond, because i have faith. so with boundless faith in the american people, with faith in you men and women in this room who lead the great state of this union, with faith in our president's vision and determination and with faith in god who has ever watched over this land of the free and home of the brave, i say with confidence
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we will make america safe again. we will make america prosperous again. we will give americans the opportunity to have access to world-class health care again. and to borrow a phrase, working with all of you on behalf of all of the american people, we will make america great again, thank you very much. god bless you for your service to this nation. unless you date and god bless the united states of america. >>. [applause]